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How To Make Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

How To Make Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

Who doesn’t love the taste of coffee and chocolate? 

When the two flavours are combined in a delicious drink like mocha, the results are heavenly. Most of Australia would agree. 

If you find yourself craving chocolate coffee on the regular, why don’t you try making your own chocolate-covered coffee beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1. Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

To get started with covering your coffee beans with chocolate, you first need to choose some tasty and rich coffee.

You should look for a brand selling high-quality and fresh coffee beans, selecting a dark roast so that the coffee taste still shines through once mixed with chocolate. 

Step 2. Choosing the Right Chocolate

Walk into any supermarket and you’ll be overwhelmed with a variety of chocolate that could be perfect for your chocolate-covered coffee beans

We recommend a brand that uses a high percentage of cocoa (60% or above), as the richness of the flavour will complement the taste of your coffee beans perfectly. 

When you’ve chosen, melt approx 100 grams of the chocolate using a double boiler system and make sure to keep it warm while you get the coffee beans ready.

Step 3. Preparing the Coffee Beans

To avoid making a mess, use the bowl you’ve already melted the chocolate in. Be careful, though, as it’ll be hot. 

  1. Pour a handful of coffee beans into the chocolate.
  2. Stir them around until they are all completely coated. 
  3. Repeat this process until you’ve used all the ingredients, adding more beans if there is still enough chocolate left. 

By the end, you should have even chocolate-covered coffee beans that all look similar. Pour them out onto a tray with baking paper - spreading them out so they don’t stick together. 

Step 4. Cooling the Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

Next, you’ll need to chill the chocolate-covered coffee beans to room temperature for consumption. 

If you’re in a rush, put them in the fridge for a maximum of 30 minutes and no longer. This can damage the flavour of the coffee.

For a thicker chocolate coating, you might discover that you have to do another layer or two of chocolate, in which case get the double boiler back on.

Step 5. Storing the Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

As a general rule, chocolate-covered coffee beans should have a fairly long lifespan. 

However, to keep them suitable for consumption and tasty for as long as possible, store them in a cool, dry place in an air-tight jar.

Try to avoid putting the chocolate-covered coffee beans back into the fridge if you can, unless it’s the height of summer and everything is melting.

Experimenting with Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans (Flavours and Add-Ins)

You can even customise this chocolate-covered coffee bean recipe.

From switching out the brands you use for the ingredients right through to trying different methods for storing the beans – every little process you change will affect the flavour.

You could try adding vanilla, peppermint, or hazelnut essence to your chocolate as you melt it or something even more “out there” like cinnamon, chilli or paprika. 

Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans are The Perfect Snack

Whether you keep the chocolate-covered coffee beans to yourself or you make an extra large batch to share, this recipe is so simple.  

Pretty soon, you’ll be snacking away with a big grin on your face – having created a delicious treat that’s perfect for your tastebuds.

For the best results, you’ll need high-quality coffee that’s been carefully roasted to perfection. Buy a 1kg bag of coffee beans from Primo Caffe today and you’ll be set for weeks.
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