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What Are The Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew?

What Are The Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew?

If you prefer your coffee cold, you might enjoy a cold brew. Cold brew coffee is perfect for hot summer days, a compliment to dessert, or you can drink it anytime. 

While you might think cold brew is just cold coffee, there is more to it than that. It is important to understand the differences between coffee beans for cold brew, as the type of beans you choose can make a large difference.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a concentrated coffee that takes around 15 to 24 hours to make. While the brewing process is long, the extracted concentrate from the coffee is worth waiting for. The coffee has low acidity and is high in caffeine since all the oils and aromas are extracted. 

Cold brew coffee has a higher caffeine content than most other coffees, including espresso. You can easily store cold brew coffee in the refrigerator for a few days. For it to taste the best, it should be served over ice so it is cold and crisp.

What to Consider While Making Cold Brew

There are many considerations when making cold brew coffee. These are a few factors to consider:

Water Source

The water source you use to make the coffee can significantly impact the taste of the cold brew.  You should use filtered water, so your cold brew has a clean taste. It can also taste sweeter if you use filtered water.

Size of Coffee Grounds

The size of the coffee grounds can make a difference in the outcome of your coffee. For cold brew coffee, you should use a coarse grind. 

To test your coffee grounds, rub the grounds between your fingers. You will know your coffee grounds are coarse if they feel gritty. The coffee grounds can produce a bitter cold brew if it is too fine.

Water Temperature

You should avoid using hot water because it can cause the cold brew to taste too bitter or acidic. You should use cold or room-temperature water.

Brewing Time

Your cold brew should steep for about twelve hours when brewing. It will need to be brewed longer if the grounds are very coarse.

What Are the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

You can choose a roast type that is either light, medium or dark. While there are many options, dark roast or medium roast is usually best for cold brew coffee. A dark roast type will offer you dark, earthy, and chocolatey flavours. 

Cold brews made from light or medium roast may have a different flavour but will still be smooth, and is still something we recommend.  You should never use instant coffee to make a cold brew but should use a pre-ground dark roast or medium roast for the best coffee for cold brew. 

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These beans produce a classic, robust Italian coffee flavour. They are 100% Arabica coffee beans, producing a smooth, chocolate and caramel taste.

How to Make Cold Brew

To make cold brew, follow these instructions step by step.

  • Grind your beans coarsely
  • Take one tablespoon of ground coffee and put it into a mesh bag
  • Put the mesh bag into a container
  • Pour the filtered water over the mesh bag
  • Cover the container and allow it steep for up to 24 hours at room temperature
  • Take out the ground coffee packet from your container
  • Use the same amount of cold water and concentrate to create your cold brew
  • Serve the cold brew over ice
  • Add a dash of coffee flavoured syrup or sweetener if you prefer a cold brew sweeter in taste 

Final Thoughts

Cold brew is less acidic and bitter than regular coffee and has an authentic coffee taste. Some of the best cold brew coffee is made using dark roast grinds, which offer a smooth and rich flavour. 

To find the best coffee beans for cold brew, check out our collection of great value coffee products today.

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