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Australia's Favourite Italian Coffee Beans

For over 35 years, its been our mission to roast and sell the best Italian style coffee beans in the Australian market.

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Nespresso Coffee Pods

Nespresso Coffee Pods

Our range of Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods have been curated to appeal to all coffee drinkers. Never get caught asking "where to buy nespresso pods?" again. Buy single boxes of our coffee pods, or variety packs!


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Our Story: Roasting for the Australian market for over 40 years

1982 - Giuseppe Begins

Master roaster and founder Giuseppe Di Stefano discovers his life's calling and begins to roast what would later become Primo Caffe. The perfect brew was very much manual at this day and age, however this did not prevent the maestro from creating some of the most memorable blends known to this day.

1990 - Building the Brand

8 years of roasting may have seemed like a lifetime, but to Giuseppe it was the beginning of something beautiful. His passion and love for the art continues to grow as does his trademark moustache!

1998 - Father and Son

The ultimate meeting of the minds occurs, with Nicola joining his father to lay the foundations for Primo for the next 20 years. His role in the company taking the company to new heights over the coming years.

2000 - A Turning Point

As a result of Nicola's hard work and vision, Primo grew to market-leading status in the Australian coffee market. Nicola and his dedicated team birthed a myriad of blends that were ahead of their time in the coffee space, with a focus on quality and consistency that could be relied on time and time again.

2006 - Enter Automation

After decades of hard work, the Di Stefano family installed an industry leading roasting facility capable of roasting 1.2 tonnes of coffee per hour. That's 10 million kilograms of coffee per year!

2011 - Third Generation

Nicolas Di Stefano joins his father and grandfather in the coffee roasting and manufacturing business, making us one of Australia's( if not the only) third generation coffee roasters. Giuseppe's decades of experience, passion and roasting techniques passed down again!

2019 - Going Solar

Conscious of Climate Change, our manufacturing facility commenced producing and working towards a more sustainable manufacturing plant, with 40% of the plant working on solar energy.

2021 - Aluminium

Aluminium coffee pods were introduced to our product range after intensive research into understanding the market. The lightweight, 100% recyclable pods protect the quality of your coffee, keeping them fresher for longer.

2023 - Generations of experience

Working side by side, this new generation of father and son continue to grow the beloved Primo Caffe range of products - continuing to roast and deliver tried and tested coffee blends for future generations.

Primo Original Cafe Blend Range


Try our Original Cafe Blend, made famous by Giuseppe Di Stefano over 40 years ago. Tried and tested, time and time again. They're our most sought after coffee beans, and for good reason.

Wholesale Coffee Supply for your Business

Wholesale Coffee Supply for your Business

From food service cafes and restaurants, hotels, corporate and traditional retail outlets to distributors...Primo Caffe offers a Complete Coffee solution for your business.

Including coffee supply, ancillary products, coffee equipment and machines, servicing and dedicated account managers.



I have been a tea drinker for 60+ years. I am now a coffee convert. This is a great product - I add Turmeric, Pepper and MCT oil. I have got most of my missing short term memory back... (cont.)


Forget the chai mixes on the shelves at woolworths and coles, this is the best chai mix you’ll find on the market. It’s the closest mix to a cafe I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, and i’d recommend it to any chai lover. A+++ 10/10

Chai Spice Mix

Absolutely love these caramel pods, no need to add any extra sweetener and perfect for an espresso or longer coffee.

Primo CARAMEL Capsules 25/Bag