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4 Ways To Use Caramel Coffee Syrup

Caramel, the secret behind many classic desserts, adds a delicious and unique flavour to all sweets. It is sugar that is heated to 340 degrees Fahrenheit (170 degrees Celsius) until the molecules break down, creating a dark golden brown colour. 

You can make caramel using two methods: dry and wet. The dry method calls for heating the sugar in a pan until it liquefies and browns. The wet method involves melting the sugar in a pan with a little water, allowing more complex flavours to develop. 

With a buttery, nutty, sour, and malty flavour and aroma, caramel can be used in a variety of ways. It can be eaten alone as a candy, used in desserts or beverages, or used to make caramel syrup for coffee.  

1. Caramel Syrup in Coffee

Caramel syrup is a fabulous way to add delicious comfort to your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. You can make coffee syrup ice cubes to add to your iced lattes or iced macchiatos to give your coffee a rich and sweet flavour. Another way to elevate your coffee is by adding a few pumps of caramel syrup for coffee directly into your cup. 

For extra caramel flavouring, use Primo caramel pods to create the perfect cup of coffee filled with caramel goodness. 

2. Caramel & Chocolate Cake

An easy way to enhance your dessert is to create a tasty dessert sauce. Mix together caramel coffee syrup and chocolate sauce to pour over a delightful chocolate cake. Or create your own cake icing by replacing the vanilla extract in buttercream with 1 teaspoon of caramel syrup. Don't forget to make yourself a cup of our delicious hot chocolate to accompany the cake!

3. Protein Shake Before the Gym

Spice up your protein shake with some flavour and fun to enjoy before or after your workout. Add a few pumps of caramel coffee syrup to a vanilla or chocolate protein shake for a little extra flavour and sweetness. 

4. Ice Cream Topping

Elevate your dessert by drizzling caramel syrup for coffee over your favourite ice cream. Caramel syrup goes great with coffee ice cream, classic vanilla bean ice cream, rich chocolate ice cream, and so much more. 

Or add your own twist to an ice cream float by adding a few pumps of caramel syrup into the glass first. Then, add carbonated water and scoops of vanilla ice cream for a delicious caramel treat. 

Caramel Coffee Syrup Recipe 

Follow these steps to make the best caramel syrup for coffee: 

  1. In a small pot, combine sugar, ¼ cup of water, and corn syrup. Stir over low heat.
  2. When the sugar dissolves, turn the heat up, cover the pot, and bring it to a boil. Remove the cover after 2 or 3 minutes and stir until the mixture is a light amber colour. 
  3. Take the caramel off the heat, pour ½ cup of water into the pot, and stir. 
  4. Cool before use. 

The Best Caramel Coffee Syrup 

Primo Caffe offers a delicious and mouthwatering caramel syrup for coffee that is made to add a special twist to your beverages and desserts. Pair it with Primo Caffe’s delightful caramel coffee pods for the perfect cup of joe. Or, check out our other syrup selections including the fan favorite Vanilla Syrup!

Shop our caramel coffee syrup today! 

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