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5 Types of Italian Coffee Orders

5 Types of Italian Coffee Orders

Coffee in Italy is an integral part of everyday life (like it is in most parts of the world) and is viewed as a true art form. Authenticity and tradition are at the forefront of coffee production and consumption in Italy. Family-owned coffee bars reign supreme and will be the go-to spot if you’re chasing a cup of coffee whilst in the country. 

How coffee is presented has evolved extensively over time. Australian coffee culture, like most coffee cultures across the globe, has evolved itself from the Italian way. So, to better educate the masses on coffee history, we have detailed five coffee orders you can place in Italy and the history behind them.

1. Un Caffé

A “caffé” is a single Italian espresso coffee and a coffee staple that people enjoy throughout the entire day. This Italian coffee style is tasty, smooth, and strong. Un Caffé was developed in 1901 when Luigi Bezzera invented the idea of pressurising water through coffee powder to create a small, concentrated coffee drink. Our Maestro Cafe Blend is a 100% Arabica coffee blend curated to fit the Australian coffee beans model that is perfect for an espresso.

2. Caffé Decaffeinato (de·caf·fei·nà·to)

A “caffé decaffeinato'' is a caffeine-free coffee. People drink this type of Italian coffee after dinner, after dessert, or before bed. Ludwig Roselius, a German merchant, invented the first decaffeination process in 1900 and began marketing it in Europe in 1912. If you want to experience coffee’s pleasant taste without the concern of consuming caffeine, our Decaffeinated Cafe Blend is perfect for you. It brings a mouthful of delicious flavour and taste to the point where you cannot tell it is decaf. 

3. Caffé Doppio (dóp·pio)

A “caffè doppio” is a double espresso. So if you want more coffee in your cup, double espressos will give you what you need. This Italian coffee is served in a large cup and sometimes comes with creamy foam on top. This type of Italian coffee originated in Italy and has reached American cafes and bars. Our Forte Ground Coffee at Primo Caffe makes for a wonderful doppio and will satisfy all your caffeine cravings. 

4. Caffè Ristretto (ri·strét·to)

A “caffè ristretto” is the same thing as a caffè but a lot stronger. While it is made with the same amount of Italian coffee beans, it uses half the water. The result is a strong, concentrated sip of espresso, making it perfect for on-the-go. Originating in Italy, this type of Italian coffee dates back to the early 1990s. 

5. Caffè Lungo (lùn·go)

Similar to a caffè Americano, a “caffè lungo” is made with espresso and water. This Italian coffee, also known as a long espresso, uses the same water that has already been drained through the coffee grounds, resulting in high caffeine content. The lungo originated in Italy and is one of the most popular Italian coffee drinks. 

Our  Fair Trade Organic Coffee Beans are a full flavoured blend that is rich and contains notes of almond, malt, and cocoa. It is made with 100% Arabica beans and is perfect for a long espresso. Shop our range of Italian coffee beans to make the perfect coffee in your home! 

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