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4 Questions To Ask Before Buying Coffee Beans Online

4 Questions To Ask Before Buying Coffee Beans Online

When you are shopping for coffee beans online, the number of options can be overwhelming. Buying the right type of coffee beans or Nespresso coffee pods can make a huge difference when it comes to brewing a quality cup of coffee.

So how do you know which coffee beans to buy online? The best way to choose what to buy is to simply ask a few questions. 

Here are 4 questions to ask to help you pick out online coffee beans in Australia that you can enjoy every day in your own abode. 

What Region Are The Beans From?

Of more than 70 countries that produce coffee, there are 9 regions that stand out for their high-quality, distinct flavours. The climate and processing methods contribute to each region’s flavour profile, so if you know these differences, you can decide where to buy your coffee online. 

Here are the top 9 producers of coffee: 

  1. Ethiopia: Coffee from Ethiopia has fruity or floral notes.
  2. Kenya: Coffee from Kenya is processed using fermentation, creating a coffee bean with a sweet and savoury flavour. 
  3. Colombia: Here, coffee has balanced acidity with mild flavours and hints of caramel or nuttiness.
  4. Guatemala: Coffee beans from Guatemala have a rich toffee and chocolatey flavour. 
  5. Costa Rica: Here, coffee has notes of honey, grape, citrus and molasses. 
  6. Honduras: Honduran coffee is fragrant with vanilla and hazelnut flavours. 
  7. Indonesia: Indonesian coffee has a deep body and low acidity with earthy notes. 
  8. Rwanda: Here, coffee is delicate with a sweet aroma and citrus notes. 
  9. Panama: Panama coffee is fruity, ranging from berry to citrus. 

2. How Were The Beans Roasted?

The flavour you taste in a cup of coffee depends on how the coffee bean was roasted. As coffee beans roast at a hot temperature, they change from a natural green colour to a medium brown colour. If the bean is roasted for too long, you are left with little sweetness and flat flavour. The roasted beans are then cooled and quickly packaged to maintain freshness. 

When buying coffee beans online in Australia, you should note that darker beans are overshadowed by the roasting process while light to medium beans capture more of the bean’s qualities and flavour.  

3. What Drinks Are The Beans Best Suited To?

Before buying coffee pods or coffee beans, consider what type of drink you desire. 

If you enjoy making a French press in the morning, you probably won’t want to buy an espresso blend. If you love starting your mornings with your Nespresso machine, you will want to order Nespresso compatible pods online.

Most roasters will indicate what type of brew method is best, so be sure to check the coffee bag.  

4. Are The Beans Ethically Sourced?

When you are sipping your morning or afternoon cup of coffee, you want to make sure you are drinking from a brand that gives back to the communities. 

Buy coffee beans online that are organic and Fairtrade certified so you know your coffee beans are grown using the highest standards that support farmers, the communities, and the environment. 

Primo Caffe offers Nespresso compatible pods online, ground coffee, and coffee beans online so you can brew the perfect cup of coffee, whether that be an espresso, latte or macchiato. 

Expect a flavoursome experience from start to finish with all of our unique and delicious blends. Shop our coffee beans online today!
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