Arkadia 40% Cocoa Chocolate

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Tasting Notes

Arkadia Drinking Chocolate (40% Cocoa) is crafted using 100% Ivory Coast cocoa powder to produce a full-bodied, dark and earthy drinking chocolate. Subtle orange zest, hazelnut and dried stone fruits balance perfectly in this better sweet drinking chocolate blend, resulting in a rich and memorable experience

Intensity   1   2   3   4   5

Blend Type  Dark

Size  1kg

Recipe - Dark & Stormy Mocha


  • 2 teaspoons Arkadia dark drinking chocolate 
  • 2 shots (60mls) Primo Forte espresso
  • 1 cup hot steamed milk
  • 3 coffee beans


  1. Place 2 teaspoons Arkadia dark choc powder into mug
  2. Pour 60mls Primo Forte directly onto choc in mug
  3. Stir Well
  4. Stretch milk to a hot temperature 
  5. Pour milk into mug
  6. Drop three coffee beans on top of the Mocha
  7. Enjoy!

We recommend using our Primo Forte coffee beans due to the Robusta content being able to cut through the milk and high cocoa content. Don't be fooled, this Dark & Stormy combination is not for the feint hearted. See the link below;

*100% Australian made high quality cocoa and coffee products

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