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Cold brew nitro coffee in a tall glass, showing its creaminess.

Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee: What Is It?

You may or may not have heard of Nitro Coffee before, but if you haven’t, you will soon. Nitro Coffee is becoming one of the hottest (or coldest) trends in coffee these days, and there’s a good reason: it’s a delicious cold brew, but it has a unique, astounding twist: it’s nitrogen-infused coffee. 

Infusing gas in beverages is nothing new: carbonated soda is called “carbonated” because we’ve infused it with carbon dioxide. Black Nitro Coffee has been infused with nitrogen, giving it nitrogen bubbles. (It’s interesting to note that many beers and microbrews have already been playing with nitrogen infusion.)

But what does nitrogen infusion do? Is it bubbly and effervescent like a soda? No, though there are bubbles. Nitrogen-infused coffee is very smooth and silky, with the bubbles giving it a naturally sweet sensation, almost like the nitrogen infuser is a whipped cream dispenser. 

The Nitro Coffee is creamy, even when you have black nitro cold brew coffee that is sugar-free. The creamy texture and mouthfeel are what give Nitro Coffee its place in the top tiers of coffee drinking. 

How to Make Nitro Coffee

Making your own nitrogen-infused coffee is going to be a slightly more expensive endeavor, which is why getting it from a coffee shop is going to be easier than trying to whip it up in your coffee maker. 

Cold brew coffee is already more expensive than hot coffee because it brews longer and has more coffee grounds, but on top of that, you need a high-quality nitrogen dispenser. The easiest way to get ahold of one of these is through an expensive whipped cream dispenser that has nitrogen cartridges, or nitrogen chargers. 

So if you want to make your own Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, you need to cold brew some coffee, and then use a nitrogen whipped cream dispenser (sans cream) to infuse the coffee. You would do this the same way you would dispense whipped cream into the glass.

You will be rewarded for your hard work with the great taste of a dairy-free, smooth and silky cup of coffee. 

The Benefits of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

One of the biggest benefits (aside from tasting great) is that there is a lower amount of acidity in Nitro coffee. This is achieved by brewing the coffee at lower temperatures. The fact is that most acids come out of the coffee beans when the beans are exposed to high temperatures, so any cold brew coffee is going to have less acidity than a hot brew. This is great news for anyone with acid reflux, or who simply gets sick with too much coffee. 

Also, because of this cold brew method, combined with the silky smoothness of the nitrogen, nitro cold brews are less bitter, making them more enjoyable to drink. 

If you’ve never tried Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, you owe it to yourself to try. But remember, the best nitro coffee starts with the right beans. Visit our Shop for our range of quality coffee beans so you can make your Nitro Coffee at home. Have a sweet tooth? Add in a little bit of Caramel or Vanilla syrup to taste! 

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