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5 Uses for Ground Coffee

5 Uses for Ground Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage consumed daily all over the world, but many people ignore the many practical uses of coffee grounds. 

Whether you purchase high-quality beans or an organic ground coffee blend, you can get even more out of them than just your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. 

From their texture to their nutritional value, ground coffee beans have a lot to offer. They can be used in the home and garden or even provide skincare benefits. 

Here are five uses for ground coffee. 

1. Ground Coffee for Plants

A lot of soil doesn’t contain the nutrients plants need for significant plant growth. You can fertilise your plants with ground coffee to ensure they are getting the nourishment they need to flourish. 

Ground coffee beans contain minerals, such as nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium, that help plants grow. 

Simply sprinkle coffee grounds onto the soil surrounding your plants to witness rapid growth. 

2. Ground Coffee Face Mask

Ground coffee contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals that can lead to skin damage. A ground coffee face mask is a great exfoliator that removes dead skin and can be applied directly to the face for a livelier complexion. 

Ground coffee beans have calming, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory effects that can leave your skin looking smoother and brighter. A ground coffee face mask also helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and redness. 

3. Ground Coffee in Cocktails

Next time you make a cup of coffee, save your coffee grounds and reuse them to make a delicious cocktail. 

The combination of bittersweet coffee and sweet liquor will leave you in awe. For all you coffee lovers, an Espresso Martini is the drink for you. You can even indulge in a creamy White Russian or a Classic Irish Coffee with buttery whiskey and whipped cream. 

The options are truly endless, and you have the freedom to get as creative as you desire.  

4. Ground Coffee Compost

If you don’t wish to use your ground coffee for fertiliser, you can compost it for later use. 

You can add coffee grounds to any composting setup as coffee grounds are beneficial for your soil, and they're one of the easiest food wastes to compost and can improve the health of your plants. 

Compost can include food scraps, such as eggshells, fruit, and vegetable trimmings, and yard debris, such as leaves and grass clippings. 

5. Ground Coffee for Espresso

The last great use for ground coffee is espresso. Brew your ground coffee in a traditional moka pot espresso maker for a robust and concentrated shot of coffee. 

You will want to use fine grounds to extract the most flavour in a short amount of time.

Ground Coffee From Primo Caffe

Looking for the best ground coffee in Australia? The search is finally over because Primo Caffe has just what you need. 

Choose from our Maestro Ground Coffee, Forte Ground Coffee, or Cerfitied Organic Ground Coffee that all deliver a satisfying experience from beginning to end. Not only are these perfect for a tasty espresso, but they are also fabulous for any of the uses for ground coffee mentioned above. 

Experience ground coffee’s versatility with the best ground coffee in Australia today!

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