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Australian Coffee vs. American Coffee: How Do They Differ?

Australian Coffee vs. American Coffee: How Do They Differ?

Coffee drinking is a completely different experience in Australia than it is in America. For decades, Australia has worked to perfect its coffee culture, and many say Australian coffee is among the best in the world.  

But why is this, and what makes Australian coffee beans so different from American coffee beans? 

Keep reading to find out how Australian coffee culture differs from that in the United States. 

Sit Down vs. Takeaway Culture 

In America, you usually wait in line and order your coffee from a barista behind a register. The transaction is quick and easy, and once you get your coffee, you generally head on out. 

In Australia, coffees are served on the guest side of the bar to customers who typically sit down and enjoy their coffee with friends or family. 

When you walk into an Australian cafe, you may have to wait in line, but then you are greeted by a friendly waiter who takes you to a table. 

Australian baristas provide a complete customer service experience, whereas American baristas more often wrap things up before taking the next order. 

Coffee Sizes and Prices 

Australian coffee types are served in much smaller cups than American coffee and are about the same price.

Aussie cafes serve Australian coffee in 250–350 ml (8–12 oz) cups, and almost every coffee is espresso-based. Coffee shops in America serve 600 ml (20 oz) beverages and use massive amounts of espresso. 

Americans indulge in the sugary fantasies of large frappés and lattés, whereas Australia serves small, simple and strong brews. 

Coffee Dispensaries and Quality 

Strong coffee in Australia is a way of life. People demand high-quality ground coffee in Australia and care about the way baristas treat the coffee they love. 

In Australia, 95% of cafés are independently owned, meaning Aussies prefer unique cafés to international chains. Australians want to enjoy their coffee for a few hours in a welcoming, cosy environment. They strive for quality aromas and flavours over the quantity of their coffee. 

Coffee beans grown in Australia are delivered to expert roasters in Australia to deliver a superb, delicious cup of coffee. 

On the other hand, Americans will get their coffee based on convenience. They love big coffee chains, like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, that offer multiple flavour options such as caramel macchiatos or mochas. It is safe to say they care more about quantity than quality. 

The Future of American Coffee

The Australian coffee culture is transforming American cafés. Australian coffee is all about enjoying time outdoors, socialising, and living a healthy lifestyle. Organic coffee beans in Australia are a must, and Aussies also strive for Fairtrade coffee in Australia. 

America is slowly changing the way it approaches its coffee and leisure. In recent years, there has been an increase in Americans wanting to make more socially and economically beneficial shopping decisions. They are also eating healthier and care more about the quality of their food and drinks. Therefore, more Americans are demanding Fairtrade and organic coffee beans. 

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