Combo pack - Classico & Numero Uno

$27.99 AUD

Here at Primo we are dedicated to providing the best value for money coffee solution so that you can enjoy high quality Italian espresso style coffee for a fraction of the price. This is yet another example of how 'Great Taste Meets Value!' 

*Pack contains 2 x 1kg Coffee


Intensity - 1   2   3   4   5

Roast Type  Medium to Dark 

Size  1kg

Type - Arabica & Robusta

Tasting Notes

Classico, literally meaning ”classic”.

Designed to deliver a well-balanced yet bold coffee experience, with a sweet creamy start followed by a light spice and finished with stone fruit after tones. This Arabica & Robusta blend is best enjoyed as a macchiato or piccolo latte as it cuts through the milk.

Numero Uno

Intensity - 1   2   3   4   5   

Roast Type  Dark

Size  1kg

Type - Arabica & Robusta

Tasting Notes

Numero Uno, literally meaning ”Number One”.

This delightful blend will satisfy your desire for caffeine through its natural robust structure and raisin forward tones. Following through with a spicy oak flavour to finish. Quite the motivator and best enjoyed with milk based coffees. Numero Uno is one of the strongest and darkest blends that Primo Coffee offer, intended for the coffee fanatic. 

*Best Before Minimum 12 months 

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