Forte Aluminium Compatible Pods - OCB

$4.50 AUD

Capsule Profile

Strength -  1       4  

Price/Pod - $0.45

Contents - 10-60 Compatible Pods

Type - Arabica & Robusta 

Tasting Notes

This delightful blend will satisfy your desire for caffeine through its natural robust structure and raisin forward tones. Following through with a spicy oak flavour to finish. 

Quite the motivator and best enjoyed with milk based coffees.

Why Aluminium?

  • Aluminium is lightweight and 100% recyclable time and time again
  • Protects the quality of the coffee
  • Keeps coffee fresher for longer

Primo Coffee's Original Cafe Blend (OCB) is the re-invigoration of master roaster Giuseppe Di Stefano's true trade recipes. We thought it was time to give our beloved customers some more choice when purchasing with Primo. As always, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can buy our coffee with none of the risk.

Strong Nespresso® Compatible Pods - Enjoy this robust coffee pod exclusively from Primo Coffee 
*Best Before Minimum 12 months 

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