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Photo of burnt coffee grounds

What To Do To Avoid Burning Your Coffee

You might be wondering if burning coffee is even possible. Well, yes it is, and burnt coffee can easily ruin your morning and afternoon coffee experience. 

Most of us look forward to our at-home cup of coffee, whether it be to get us going for the day ahead or to unwind after a long day of meetings.

So, there’s nothing worse than expecting a flavourful sip of coffee goodness and getting a burnt bitter coffee taste and an unpleasant aroma.

In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions and teach you how to avoid burning your coffee. 

What Should You Look For? 

What does burnt coffee taste like? It is bitter and acidic and has a dark, cloudy colour. Here are a few things to look out for when brewing your cup of coffee to ensure it doesn’t taste burnt. 

1. Check if your coffee beans are stale. 

If your beans are exposed to oxygen, they can quickly become stale. Make sure you’re using fresh coffee beans that have been stored in an airtight container. Keep them in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight to avoid burning coffee grounds. 

2. Make sure your beans were properly roasted 

The roasting process is how we get all the desirable aromas and flavours of our favourite coffee. If the beans are over-roasted, they can be bitter and have a burnt taste. To select the best roast and prevent burnt coffee, purchase high-quality beans from a reputable coffee roastery that is known for consistency and quality. 

Brew Your Coffee Correctly 

Follow these brewing tips to achieve the best-tasting coffee possible. 

1. Use clean equipment 

A dirty coffee maker or espresso machine can significantly change the way your coffee tastes. Make sure your equipment is nice and clean to prevent burning your coffee. 

2. Don’t let it sit for too long 

We know it can be tempting to brew a morning pot of coffee so it is ready to drink throughout the day. But if you want great tasting coffee, it should be freshly brewed. Coffee that has been sitting and warming for hours develops a burnt coffee taste. 

3. Use high-quality water 

It might come as a surprise, but quality water is the foundation of good coffee. Always use water that you’d happily drink; for example, if you normally drink filtered water, use filtered water in your coffee.

Uses for Burnt Coffee Grounds

Interested in reusing your burnt coffee grounds? Here are some creative uses for it: 

  • Make a body scrub 
  • Make homemade candles 
  • Use them as an odour neutraliser 
  • Use them as fertiliser, your gardens will love it! 

Now that you know how to avoid burning your coffee, you won't ever be unhappy when enjoying your favourite coffee.

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