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Americano black coffee in a white cup

Tips for the Perfect Long Black Coffee

The long black coffee has gained enormous popularity all over the world and is frequently referred to as the Australian equivalent of an americano.

What is a long black coffee though, and how do you make a long black coffee in your home? In this short article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about a long black coffee. 

What is a Long Black Coffee?

A long black is an Italian coffee beverage that is now widely consumed in Australia and New Zealand. A double shot of espresso and 3.5 to 4 ounces of hot water are mixed together to make a long black coffee. It is produced by adding espresso shots on top of hot water in a cup. 

When handled carefully, the crema, or the top layer of the espresso will remain intact after being poured on top of the water. For coffee lovers all around the world, the crema is one of the most essential components of the beverage because it has such a distinctive flavour.

Americano coffee vs Long Black

A long black coffee is often confused with an americano because they contain the same ingredients: espresso and hot water. However, unlike a long black coffee, an americano is produced by adding extra water and pouring it over the espresso shot. 

Since the long black coffee is often produced with less water and is consequently more concentrated, the espresso flavour is more prominent.

How to Make a Long Black Coffee

Americano black coffee in a white cup

Making your own long black coffee is a simple process that doesn't involve much effort. If you follow our tips, you will be able to prepare a long black that retains the perfect amount of sweetness and flavour.

Tip 1: Use High-Quality Coffee Beans

To get the best flavour and aroma out of your long black coffee, use premium coffee beans. You can use any high-quality, expertly roasted Arabica coffee beans to make the perfect long black.

Tip 2: Use the Appropriate Amount of Water

You must take into account the amount of hot water you use while preparing long black coffee at home. Using less water will result in a stronger flavour, whereas more water will deliver a weaker flavour. A good ratio to follow is ¾ water to ¼ espresso.

Tip 3: Making a Long Black Coffee

When creating a coffee that is a long black, fill a large cup with hot water. Then extract your espresso shot on top of the water and let the crema settle on top. Add your preferred choice of mix sweetener, if desired. 

Keep Your Coffee Machine Clean

Whether you’re using an espresso machine or doing a manual brew, your equipment must be clean. Clean coffee machine = a perfect cup of coffee. 

Stir Your Long Black

The crema on top of your coffee is a blend of oils and carbon dioxide microbubbles that are found in coffee naturally. Although it is a crucial component of the espresso's flavour and texture, it is really rather bitter when consumed on its own.

For the best results, mix the crema thoroughly with the remaining espresso and water in your long black. This way you'll obtain a cup of coffee that is far more well-rounded.

Pour the perfect long black coffee with our Classico Beans today!
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