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How To Descale A Coffee Pod Machine

How To Descale A Coffee Pod Machine

Like any appliance we use in our household, a coffee pod machine should be kept clean so our coffee tastes delicious. 

If you are among the many coffee drinkers who brew their cup of coffee one at a time, you must understand what descaling is. While descaling may sound intimidating, it is a process you need to know to keep your single-serve coffee pod machine clean and working properly. 

Coffee grounds can easily leak into your coffee pod machine and calcium and mold can build up from the moisture in the boiler. Descaling your coffee pod machine will clean any coffee grounds, mold, or calcium in the boiler and pump. 

Why and When to Descale your Coffee Machine 

You most likely wouldn’t cook on a dirty pot or pan, so why should you drink coffee from a dirty machine? 

Submerging your coffee pod machine in a sink full of hot water and soap might sound like the best solution to keep it clean, but that shouldn’t be an option. 

The most popular method for descaling a coffee machine is with vinegar and water. To descale your machine, simply brew a few cups of vinegar and rinse with fresh water. Rinse your coffee machine several times to ensure the vinegar taste is completely gone. 

Another way to descale a coffee machine is with citric acid and water. Before descaling your coffee pod machine with citric acid, remove the filter and the coffee pot and wash them with warm, clean water. 

Use 1 tablespoon of citric acid to 1 gallon of water when descaling your coffee machine. Run the cleaning solution in your machine until about half has been brewed, turn the machine off for 30 minutes, and let it sit. Then, turn your coffee pod machine on and let it finish brewing to fully descale. 

Long-term use of citric acid can cause buildup, so a good way to remedy this is by alternating between citric acid and vinegar.  

To avoid uneven brewing and bad-tasting coffee, descale your coffee pod machine every three-to-six months. Cleaning your coffee maker properly will also prolong its lifespan and keep up the machine’s durability. 

Issues that Signify You Need to Descale 

If you experience any of the following, it is time to descale your coffee machine: 

  • Decreased flow of water
  • Dripping from the spout 
  • Uncommon noises 
  • Failure to heat the water 
  • Leakages 

The more you use a coffee machine, the more it will need to be deep cleaned. If you use your coffee pod machine several times a day, you need to descale it more often. 

Where to Buy High-Quality Coffee Pods 

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