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How to make a mocha

5 Ways to Treat Your Coffee Loving Valentine

In love with a coffee addict? Treat them with coffee and chocolate treats this Valentine’s Day. Visit Primo Caffe for more on V-day !

It’s that time of the year once again, where you begin to wonder how you’re going to make this Valentine’s day even better than the last.

Maybe in years gone by you’ve opted for the standard flowers in the morning, breakfast in bed, chocolates and a candle-lit, red wine dinner.

Now, we aren’t saying disregard a winning formula, definitely don’t! But, maybe this year it’s time to think outside the box and tap into one of the many other loves in your lover's life.

So, for those of you with Valentine’s who adore all things coffee, from drinking it to making it, here are 5 ways to treat your coffee loving Valentine this year.

Show your lover how to make a coffee mocha

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate, would it?

Yes, you can decide to go all out on an expensive suite of treats, the usual way, or you could incorporate chocolate with coffee beans for your Valentine.

Knowing how to make a coffee mocha like your local cafe is the perfect way to do this and will surely swoon your lover this year.

First you’ll need some of the best quality coffee ground you can find. Brew method is up to you, depending on the equipment you have.

Whatever you do, ensure the coffee is well balanced and isn’t bitter (bitterness will detract from the overall flavour).

The chocolate type is of your choosing: drinking chocolate or a block of chocolate. Just ensure the ratio is spot on, as chocolate with coffee beans only works best when the flavours are balanced!

Finish it off with silky stretched milk, chocolate dusting on top and marshmallows and you know how to make a coffee mocha. It’s the perfect drink for any time of the day, and one your coffee-loving Valentine will cherish!

Combine your favourite Primo coffee with Primo chocolate for the perfect match. 

Breakfast: Tips for latte art

One of the many expert skills in the coffee industry, pouring latte art. Now, it’s no easy feat. Knowing how to latte art is something that can take many a month to master, but if done well, it is something that will surely woo your Valentine in the morning.

Latte art provides that elegant touch to coffee making and coffee drinking. There are a range of different creations possible with latte art: hearts, tulips, swans and rosetta’s to name a few.

Don’t be expecting to be a connoisseur immediately! It will take time to perfect, with tulips, swans and rosettas definitely coming as your experience builds.

Some tips for latte art as you begin your journey to surprise your lover this Valentine’s Day:

  • Heat the milk until the jug is hot to touch to provide a silky, consistent milk texture
  • Split the milk into two separate jugs so to even out the cream
  • Pour gently in a clockwise motion to bind the coffee and milk before executing the pattern from bottom to the top of the cup
  • Have fun!
  • Use our delicious Tumeric Golden Latte Mix

Barista schooling at home

Now we’ve mentioned latte art, but that only makes up one factor of barista training. Maybe your Valentine is looking to learn more about the in-house production process seen in cafes and roasteries across Australia.

Barista training is highly beneficial for learning how to stretch the milk properly, tamp coffee correctly and use coffee machines in the correct manner.

It could be well worth thinking about as a suitable present and activity for you and your significant other this year!

Coffee beans to buy

Now, if your Valentine is a coffee aficionado, there is no doubt they love to brew, curate and enjoy their coffee at home, so deciding what coffee beans to buy is often make or break.

Brewing method is also critical. People often get stuck on whether they should opt for an automatic coffee machine, Aeropress, or a Moka Pot.

No matter the method they may choose, coffee beans in Australia provide so many options for budding home baristas to create delicious, flavoursome coffee that will give any cafe a run for its money.

Coffee beans in Australia come from the many coffee regions across the world: Indonesia, Nicaragua, Brazil and Colombia to name a few. All coffee beans carry different flavours and notes depending on the region they are grown in.

When deciding what coffee beans to buy for your loved one this V-day, it’s crucial to remember different coffee beans carry different strengths. Coffee beans should not be approached under a one size fits all banner!

Coffee machines to buy

Maybe the latte art, coffee beans or chocolate ideas aren’t cutting it for you. You want to step it up a notch.

You’re wondering what in the way of coffee machines to buy may be best suited for your beau this Valentine’s Day. Automatic or Espresso Machines? Let’s find out the difference!

Automatic coffee machines and coffee pods take the stress out of coffee making and drinking.

Coffee pods provide that easy, accessible and tasty solution for those who love a coffee at home, but want a simple experience.

But, the big question: which coffee pods are best? Coffee pods for Nespresso are arguably the most popular on the market, with brands curating their production to match the specifications of Nespresso machines.

More and more brands nowadays are creating recyclable coffee pods so this is a consideration that must be made when choosing the best pods for your Valentine!

Combine your favourite Primo pods and Primo chocolate for the perfect match. 

Best Quality Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee and Coffee Capsules

So, it’s decision time. We’ve run you through some ways to treat your Valentine this year, but no matter what your decision is, best quality coffee beans are at the core of it! Top your choice off with a sweet caramel syrup that they will love. 

Our range of beans, ground coffee and coffee capsules will certainly ensure you are spoiling your coffee loving Valentine in the right way this year!

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