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Australian flat white coffee

4 Australian Coffee Trends

It's no secret that Australia is known for its coffee obsession. Coffee is so ingrained in our culture — so much so that it is rare you’ll hear someone just order a simple “coffee”. The country holds the best Australian coffee beans in the world, and with over 20,000 cafes in Australia, good coffee is everywhere!  

Here are 4 Australian coffee trends that make the Australian coffee culture so unique. 

1. Flat White

Australians tend to keep it simple, so rather than ordering a Frappé or Macchiato, most prefer coffees such as long black or flat white. The flat white, the original Australian coffee drink, has been trending for years. This drink is comprised of the best Australian coffee beans and contains a single shot of espresso with a steamy milk pour and a thin layer of foam. Australia is full of flat white fanatics, and flat whites continue to rise in popularity steadily. 

2. Magic (coffee option in Melbourne)

Whenever Melburnians speak of their city, they are likely to touch on the coffee glorification. You might hear them order something called “The Magic”. While the name may sound sceptical, it is a delicious Australian contribution to the world of coffee. So what exactly is a “Magic Coffee”? Magic Coffee is a strong Australian coffee that consists of 130ml of steamed milk over a double ristretto (30ml). For years, Magic Coffee was more of a hipster drink, but it is now more mainstream. 

3. Long Mac Topped Up (coffee option in Perth)

A unique Australian coffee trend is something called the “Long Mac Topped Up”, which is a loved coffee order in Western Australia. This drink is extremely special to Perthians and is made with a double espresso with textured milk topped up. Some may call it a double shot latte, but Perth’s society is determined to take the Long Mac Topped Up order to the rest of the world. So, the next time you visit Australia, try ordering a Long Mac Topped Up. 

4. Trendy Cafes/Roasteries

You won’t find the big coffee giants like Starbucks in Australia. Here, coffee is a way of life, and Australians prefer going to their independent cafes. With Melbourne being labeled as the coffee capital of the world, they take pride in roasting and brewing the best coffee beans in Australia. It is home to the best baristas and cafes. Since 95% of the cafes are independently owned, there is space to make each individualistic and trendy. You may notice coffee shops set up in warehouses, station underpasses or shipping containers. 

These 4 Australian coffee trends are just a few of many that prove Australia is an idol in the coffee world. Now, metropolitan cities, such as Paris, London, and New York are all following in their footsteps. At Primo Caffe, you can taste the delicious coffee beans in Australia that have turned Aussies into the caffeine addicts we know. Shop our Italian-style coffee with Australian-made attention to detail today!
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