Ristretto Compatible Pods & Taster Pack

$19.50 AUD

Capsule Profile

Strength - 1   2   3   4   5

Price/Pod - $0.35

Contents - 56 Compatible Pods

Origin - Brazil & Colombia

Tasting Notes

Efficient & Productive, a blend on the fruity side, for the efficient and productive. Perhaps the lightest coffee pod in our range, for those who enjoy a few pods a day at their own convenience. Light with fruit forward flavours and citrus undertones

This product contains a total of 56 compatible pods. If you are unsure about what flavour suits you then this is a perfect opportunity to try them all. Taster pack contains 6 capsules total with 2 of each variety in our range. 

The best Nespresso® Compatible Capsules, brought to you by Primo Coffee
*Best Before Minimum 12 months 

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