Trio Medley Pack - Tazza D'oro, Classico & Numero Uno

$36.97 AUD

Here at Primo we are dedicated to providing the best value for money coffee solution so that you can enjoy high quality Italian espresso style coffee for a fraction of the price. This is yet another example of how 'Great Taste Meets Value!' 

*Pack contains 3 x 1kg Coffee

Tazza D'Oro

Strength  -   1   2   3   4   5

Roast Type -  Mild

Size -  1kg

Tazza D'oro, literally meaning ”the golden cup”.

Starting with aromatic sweet peach and continue toward subtle tones of Brazil nut, where you will finally arrive at a culmination of mellow blackcurrant and milk chocolate. This Arabica blend is best enjoyed as an espresso.


Strength -    1   2   3   4   5

Roast Type  Medium

Size -  1kg

Classico, literally meaning ”classic”.

Designed to deliver a well-balanced yet bold coffee experience, with a sweet creamy start followed by a light spice and finished with stone fruit after tones. This medium roast blend is best enjoyed as an espresso or long coffee.

Numero Uno

Strength  -   1   2   3   4   5

Roast Type -  Strong

Size -  1kg

Numero Uno, literally meaning ”Number One”.

This delightful blend will satisfy your desire for caffeine through its natural robust structure and raisin forward tones. Following through with a spicy oak flavour to finish. Quite the motivator and best enjoyed with milk based coffees.

*Best Before Minimum 12 months 

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