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Our Classico Beans, which have been aptly named, is our take on the quintessential style of Italian coffee beans. Roasted medium to dark, these beans present a classic coffee blend: Arabica vs Robusta. The pairing ensures the coffee remains balanced, with the strength of Robusta being softened by the Arabica bean. It's a bean that has been curated to deliver a well-balanced yet bold Australian made coffee experience, with a sweet creamy start followed by a light spice and finished with stone fruit after tones. Our recommendation is simple: enjoy these Arabica vs Robusta beans in your macchiato or piccolo latte to give yourself the best chance at tasting depth of flavour.

Australia Coffee Beans Profile
Intensity - 4/5
Roast Type - Medium to Dark
Size - 1kg
Type - Arabica & Robusta

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