Ristretto Compatible Pods & Taster Pack

$19.50 AUD

Strength - 3/5

Price/Pod - $0.35

Efficient & Productive - A blend on the fruity side, for the efficient and productive. 

Origin - Brazil & Colombia

Nespresso® Compatible Pods - The more you buy, the less you pay! Please remember that if you are unsatisfied, you can return the product at no charge as part of our satisfaction guarantee.

This product contains a total of 56 pods, f you are unsure about what flavour suits you then this is a perfect opportunity to try them all. Taster pack contains 6 capsules total with 2 of each variety in our range. Our capsules are 100% compatible with Nespresso® capsule machines.

Produced in our world class facility, the quality of our coffee pods are sure to impress your family, friends and colleagues. We believe that high quality and affordable prices are two things that can co-exist together so please make your selection and enjoy 'when great taste meets value!'

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