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Coffee Beans 250g

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Here at Primo, we understand convenience is one of the most important factors for our customers. So, we've created a range of 250g coffee beans portions across our best selling coffee range. For more on our range of 250g coffee beans, read on below.

How many cups of coffee can be made from 250g coffee beans?
Anywhere between 10 and 20 cups depending on brew method and grams used per serve. A household espresso machine will yield approximately 20 cups.

Why are 250g coffee beans so popular?

250g coffee beans portions provide more flexibility with coffee purchasing across different varieties, if you are the type to explore different blends or single origins at various times of the week or month. 250g coffee beans portions are a better way to maintain fresh coffee as the time used to consume 250g of coffee beans is four times less than a bag of 1kg coffee beans.

The unique 1-way valve on our 250g coffee bags allows gases to escape but not enter the packaging. 250g coffee beans portions are a great travel buddy if you are camping, travelling with the family or for business due to its compact nature.

How long does a bag of 250g coffee beans last?
This really depends on the use of the coffee beans but you will want to consume within one month of opening the bag. Consider the use of an airtight container to maintain optimum freshness. For more on how to store coffee beans once opened, visit our blog.

What is the best way to store 250g coffee beans once they are open?

An air-tight container with a pump that extracts excess oxygen and inert gases. Store in dry conditions away from sunlight. Never store in the fridge or freezer. This is commonly referred to as the death of coffee. It stunts the natural oxidisation process, preventing the natural development of oils on the bean.